SUPER GL speedy

The well known analysers of the product line SUPER G were developed for clinical laboratory. With the SUPER GL speedy an analyser was developed which uses the modern technology of the sensors together with other new technical items. So the SUPER GL speedy has besides a innovative sample rotor for 60 samples a new touch screen for easy operating the device in menu choosing and together with both news also the well known biosensor.

As with all analysers using the enzymatic-amperometric measuring principle, pre-analysis is quite simple. Only a few µl of capillary blood are needed, taken from the finger berry using an end-to-end or open-end-capillary. These samples are diluted using a defined amount of solution in a sample cup and hemolysed, and can then be measured immediately. Approximately one minute after taking the blood, you have the result.

All devices provide the technical standard necessary for modern analysers, such as a variety of EDP links, barcode reader, storage function for the samples and controls etc.

We realised the IFCC-recommendation for displaying the glucose values plasma referenced at this device.

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Performance Data

Measuring Time

Series Measurement Glucose ca. 18 seconds - 200 samples/hour
Series Measurement Glucose / Lactate ca. 30 seconds - 120 samples/hour

Measuring Range

Glucose 0.5 mmol/l to 50 mmol/l or 10.8 mg/dl to 900.8 mg/dl
Lactate 0.5 mmol/l to 30 mmol/l or 4.5 mg/dl to 270 mg/dl

Sample Volume

10 µl / 20 µl sample diluted with 500 µl / 1000 µl hemolysate solution

Precision (60 samples) - Variation Coefficient Indication

Glucose (12 mmol/l or 216 mg/dl) < 1.5 %
Lactate (10 mmol/l or 90 mg/dl) < 1.5 %


Operating Time Glucose Sensor max. 2 months / max. 10.000 samples
Operating Time Glucose and Lactate Sensors max. 3 months / max. 10.000 samples

Technical Specifications

Working Temperatur + 15 °C bis + 35 °C
Supply Voltage 24 V DC
Power Consumption max. 60 W
Classification according MPG In-vitro-Diagnosticum (guidline 98/79/EC)


Printer serial, RS 232
EDP serial, RS 232
Barcode Reader integrated

Dimensions / Weight

Width 470 mm
Hight 280 mm
Depth 450 mm
Weight 11 kg
General data
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
Washing solution
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
Reagent cartidges
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
Control material
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
Glucocapil reaction cups
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
Glucocapil calibration solution
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
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