SUPER ID clinchem

The basic principle for the precise results of the SUPER ID clinchem in laboratory quality is the highly specific immunoturbodimetric measuring principle in which the HbA1c value is directly determined in one analysis. Because of the direct determination, inaccuracy - as occurring in calculations in percent derived from total hemoglobin and HbA1c - is avoided. Furthermore, the device concept ensures safe operation, even in the point of care (POCT) area. Therefore, the quantitative results of the SUPER ID clinchem for HbA1c are more precise than the results of comparable analysers.

With the automated procedure of dilution, mixing, incubation and measurement, the SUPER ID clinchem carries out the same analysis steps as a large medical device does. In addition, the use of reagents with the unit dose method, of easy-to-handle open-end-capillary in combination with pre-dosed sample cups, and the high calibration stability ensure precision and make the SUPER ID clinchem a reliable aide in in-vitro-diagnostics.

Besides the HbA1c value, you can use the SUPER ID clinchem presently to determine total hemoglobin and glucose. More tests such as a CRP blood test and a test for microalbumine in urine are being developed. The simple update system, using data cards, enables the operator to program new tests or make modifications necessary after LOT changing in a sample manner.

SUPER ID clinchem allows for up to three tests per sample run; test recognition is controlled via barcode.

The SUPER ID clinchem is a cost-effective analyser allowing near patient diagnostics with analysing methods identical to those used in laboratories. It supplies results that are in one class with those supplied by clinical chemical laboratories.

At present especially suited to the needs of diabetes diagnostics, the universal device concept of the SUPER ID clinchem allows stepwise upgrading to an universally employable point of care analyser.

Because of its high calibration stability, the consistent use of unit dose reagents, the simple sample taking by using capillary blood as sample material, and the advantages of open-end-capillaries, the SUPER ID clinchem almost ideally combines all necessary features for employment in POCT and NPT area.

Because of the employment of economic liquid reagents and a comprehensive choice of services with regard to delivery date and services, the SUPER ID clinchem enables cost-effectiveness and trouble-free operation of your practice.

Due to its overall idea combining not only the performance parameters mentioned above such as precision, versatility, speed and cost-effectiveness, but also a compact build and simple operation, the SUPER ID clinchem integrates itself ideally into a near patient testing (NPT) laboratory.

Performance Data

Measuring Time

HbA1c 4.5 minutes
CRP 6.5 minutes
Glucose / Hemoglobin 6.5 minutes

Measuring Range

HbA1c 20 mmol/mol to 130 mmol/mol or 4 % to 14 % DCCT
CRP 2 mg/l to 160 mg/l (Plasma) or 5 mg/l to 400 mg/l (Whole Blood)
Glucose 0.8 mmol/l to 44 mmol/l or 15 mg/dl to 800 mg/dl
Hemoglobin 3.1 mmol/l to 15.6 mmol/l or 5 g/dl to 25 g/dl

Sample Volume

10 µl sample diluted with 500 µl hemolysate solution

Precision (20 samples) - Variation Coefficient Indication

HbA1c (6.24 %) < 2.0 %
CRP (4.11 mg/l Whole Blood) 3.10 %
Glucose (125 mg/dl) 1.30 %
Hemoglobin (14.5 g/dl) 0.79 %

Technical Specifications

Working Temperatur + 15 °C bis + 35 °C
Supply Voltage 12 V DC
Power Consumption max. 45 W
Classification according MPG In-vitro-Diagnosticum (guidline 98/79/EC)


Printer serial, RS 232
EDP serial, RS 232
Barcode Reader external, PS/2

Dimensions / Weight

Width 220 mm
Hight 170 mm
Depth 155 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
General data
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
Washing solution
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
Reagent cartidges
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
Control material
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
Glucocapil reaction cups
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
Glucocapil calibration solution
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
QuantityItem numberItem descriptionDevice(s)
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To ensure measuring accuracy of the parameter reagent lot in use, a recalibration is necessary after a certain time.

SUPER ID clinchem points to recalibration fourteen days before expiry of the calibration. To offer you a maximum calibration stability, codes for recalibration will be provided at the latest one week before the actual calibration expires.

When is it necessary to recalibrate?

If the the following messages is shown:

  • Expiry xxx xx/xx
  • xxx xx/xx expired!

ist eine Rekalibrierung des Parameters notwendig.

Please choose the parameter and lot number to obtain the recalibration codes. See pictures below to identify the respective reagent lot by the label on the outer package or the label on the cartridge.

This product is expired
Recalibration codes:
  • 030007197
Security code:076
Expiration extension:7
Recalibration codes:
  • 030004113
Security code:193
Expiration extension:4
Recalibration codes:
  • 030007103
Security code:015
Expiration extension:7
Recalibration codes:
  • 10005695
Security code:129
Expiration extension:6
Recalibration codes:
  • 20047639
  • 30160645
  • 40418608
  • 50535619
Security code:113
Expiration extension:6
Recalibration codes:
  • 20047593
  • 30168597
  • 40465583
  • 50580539
Security code:252
Expiration extension:5
Recalibration codes:
  • 20045593
  • 30195542
  • 40474506
Security code:087
Expiration extension:5
Recalibration codes:
  • 20048539
  • 30175595
  • 40488549
Security code:248
Expiration extension:5

Instructions how to enter recalibration codes can be found in the SUPER ID clinchem manual.

How to identify reagent lot?

The respective reagent lot can be easily identified by the label on the outer package or the label on the cartridge.


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